Web Customer Service Evaluation Survey Template

Web Customer Service Evaluation Survey Template offers questions about customer service evaluation and feedback survey on speed, quality, and overall customer satisfaction. This sample questionnaire can be edited with questions which are more likely to obtain better insights for a particular organization. Questions about speed or service, mode of service, reason for seeking assistance etc. can be included in this survey. For example, if an organization does not require to know the motive behind contacting customer care, they can eliminate the question from the survey template and send it to their customers. Analyzing feedback may help them in improving their web customer service.

How did you contact customer service?
Web chat
In person
If you called on the phone, how quickly did you get through?
Under 30 seconds
About 1 minute
2-5 minutes
More than 5 minutes
I left a message
Does not apply
If you contacted customer service by fax or email, how long did it take to get a response?
Under 2 hours
2-6 hours
6-12 hours
1 business day
More than 1 business day
They didn't get back to me
Does not apply
What was your reason for contacting customer service?
Not satisfied with product
Did not receive product
Unable to order product/service
Problem with Web site
Needed more product information
Cancel subscription or membership
Overall how satisfied are you with our customer service representative?
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied
Do you have comments or suggestions that would help us improve our customer service?

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