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Website Visitor Profile Survey Template

Every website visitor is important for the business. Satisfying each of these visitors should be the primary goal of an organization. This survey template offers customizable questions that can be helpful in obtaining insights about the use of website, current hardware and software specifications, visitor demographic information and other details regarding the website visitor.

A website visitor profile survey gives you a superior comprehension of who visits your website, how they got there, how often do they visit and how they consume information on your website. Embedding a QuestionPro survey into your website can provide in-depth analytics and insights into visitor behavior and help to accumulate visitor ethnographic information that you can use to appraise your website's design and function.

A profiling survey is used to accumulate key demographic information of your customers. These surveys are used to upgrade your customer’s experience by giving them a bird's-eye view of an upcoming opinion poll. This also monitors that once you have collected information, those profiles don’t get asked repeated questions or request for repeated information so that the respondent isn’t irritated or put off to repeat your website again. Profiling surveys also assist you prudently target the right surveys to the right crowd.

This sample questionnaire also includes questions to gain information about the frequency of customer visits on the website, whether they are first-time visitors and reason for visiting the website.

Is this the first time you have visited our site?
What is your zip code?
Please tell us about yourself.
Are you
What is your age?
Which Web browser do you use?
What is your modem access speed to the Internet?
How often do you visit our site?
Why did you visit our site today?
Thank you for your feedback.

Why conduct a Website Visitor Profile Survey?

It is crucial to know the type of visitors that visit your website most frequently. By doing so, you get insights into buyer persona for your products/service, which makes it easy for you to conduct marketing activities effectively.

  • Ask questions about the web browser they use or what is their modem access speed to the Internet to understand the hardware and software specifications of the visitors.
  • Include demographic questions about customer zip code, gender or age that can help you understand the demographics of all your visitors for better targeting.
  • Incorporate other questions about whether it is their first visit on your website or how often do they visit your website or reason for visiting your website - you can filter new visitors, frequently visiting customers and reasons for visiting your website.

Here are a few sectors where visitor profiles are particularly beneficial:

  • Writing a constructive and fruitful marketing memo which will give researchers valuable information that will help prospects choose from wide service array.
  • An online survey is an event to imprint your image in the user’s mind and helps to advise the benefits you provide.
  • Researchers have unearthed that users overwhelmingly favor completing online surveys rather than participate in written questionnaires and usually provide lengthy and detailed answers. By structured designing and sending relevant and targeted surveys, people are more willingly take part and respond with honest answers.

Best Uses of Website Visitor Profile Survey

  • Filtering the customers on the basis of frequency of visits and understanding the reason for their visit.
  • On obtaining customer demographic information, you can analyze which regions do the most frequently visiting customers belong to and develop marketing activities to target those regions better.
  • By analyzing the answers received for the question: “Why did you visit our site today?”, you can understand the circumstances under which customers visit your website and work towards improving the website according to these answers to perform better.