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IT Help Desk Service Support Survey + Sample Questionnaire Template

Businesses can use our free help desk service support survey and sample questionnaire template to collect feedback on IT support services and staff. Analyze data to identify improvement areas in you IT team and offer better help desk support.

This sample IT help desk support questionnaire is ready to be used by any business that offers online and offsite customer support. You can customize the free template as needed and improve customer service. Measure customer satisfaction (CSAT) and grow your business.

Considering your complete experience with our support team, how likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?0 Very Unlikely to 10 Very Likely
Very Unlikely
Very Likely
Please express your level of satisfaction with the following:
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
Overall quality of remote support
Overall quality of on-site support
Knowledge and professionalism of the remote support staff
Knowledge and professionalism of on-site support engineers
Communication and follow-up on problem resolution
Very satisfied
Very dissatisfied
The ability of help desk to diagnose your problem
The ability of the help desk to solve your problem
Time require resolving your problem
Overall quality of the solution
Maintenance services offered
How would you rate the communication skills of the help desk staff?
What technical issues do you encounter most frequently?
How frequently do you encounter these problems?
How would you rate our services for the value for money?
Please add any additional feedback on how we can provide better IT support:

Why do you need to conduct a IT Help Desk Service Support Survey?

Business owners understand the importance of customer feedback. Whether you manufacture a product or provide services, feedback is essential to analyze the strengths and improvement areas. If your customers feel satisfied and happy with the services and information provided, they will stay your loyal customers and refer you to their family and friends. This will positively enhance your Net Promoter Score. Here are a few reasons why you need to conduct a help desk service support survey:

  1. 1. To improve the quality of service: Customer feedback gives an insight into how your end-users perceive your products and services. It can help you better understand their requirements and serve them better.
  2. 2. To measure customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction(CSAT) and customer loyalty are important metrics that determine the company’s financial performance. This is directly linked to other benefits like increased market shares and higher revenue. Many studies have confirmed a close relationship between customer satisfaction and business performance. Therefore, as a business owner, you want to make sure you collect customer feedback about the services you have provided them with.
  3. It shows you value customers' opinions: By asking your clients for feedback on services provided by the help desk support team, you communicate to them that their opinion is important. Listening to their suggestion will help build stronger relations with your clients, reducing customer churn. This is a great way to gain valuable brand ambassadors.
  4. 3. Helps improve customer retention: Satisfied customers will stay with you; unhappy customers will not only find an alternative but may also spread negative word of mouth, which could adversely affect your business. Also, the cost of acquiring a new customer is far greater than retaining an existing one. Therefore, by deploying this technical support survey, businesses can know if customers have suggestions.