Internet or website demographics survey questions + sample questionnaire template

Internet/ Website demographic survey template by QuestionPro comprises of questions and examples that aim at finding out the internet usage of consumers. This questionnaire has demographic questions that help a surveyor understand his/her target audience. This sample survey template has 33 questions and can be customized based on the needs of a surveyor. It also has questions that help get a complete insight into how much a person spends on internet bills, what are the websites they frequently visit, how long have they been using the internet etc.

Internet Usage
What is your primary computing platform?
How long have you been using the Internet (including using e-mail, gopher, ftp, etc.)?
How did you find about this site? (Please check all that apply.)

How frequently do you access the web from the following places?
Less than once a month
From home (including a home office)
From work
From school
From a public terminal (e.g. library, cybercafe, etc.)
From other places
Who pays for your Internet access?
During an average week, most of your professional correspondence (postal mail or e-mail) is with which of the following:

Personal Information
Date of Birth
What is your sex?
What is your current marital status?
Note: This is a sensitive question that can help Internet developers to understand the needs of current Web users--it is not intended to offend.

Please indicate your current household income in U.S. dollars
How many children under 16 years old live in your household?
Are you disabled or impaired?

Note: This is a sensitive question that can help Internet developers to understand the needs of current Web users--it is not intended to offend.

Where are you located?
Which of the following best describes the area you live in?
What is your primary language (i.e., the one you speak most of the time)?

Professional Information
Are you currently registered to vote?
Please indicate the highest level of education completed.
Which of the following categories best describes the industry you primarily work in ?
Which of the following best describes your role in industry?
The organization you work for is in which of the following:
Please indicate which of the following are sources of revenue for your organization:
What is your organization's total budget for this year, from all sources?

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