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Music Website Survey Template

Every individual working in the music industry will vouch for the fact that it takes a lot of effort to understand music preferences of people belonging to different cultures and backgrounds. Curated by music experts, this survey template offers questions which can be used to understand which section of your website did they prefer over the others, which type of music do the visitors prefer, feedback on new features that can be incorporated into your music website.
Questions from this sample survey can be edited according to your genre and sent out to all your website visitor by embedding it on the website, sharing the survey on social media or sending it via email.

Which part of the world are you visiting from?
What is your age ?
What do you do for a living ?
Have you visited [WEB_SITE] before ?
Which section of the [COMPANY_NAME] website did you enjoy most ?
Which FOUR items would you like to see more of?

What kind of music do you listen to most (check all that apply)?

Have you seen the RDB DJ's play live ?
What new features would you like to see incorporated with the new [COMPANY_NAME] website?
What is your gender ?

Why conduct a Music Website Survey?

It is very well-established that music makes life better. Plants grow better in the presence of music, assembly line workers perform better with music and music is also effective at spiritual, physical and psychological levels.

  • A recent research also confirmed that music uses both sections of the brain due to which it becomes critical for the overall growth of human beings.
  • Considering the widespread advantages that music has, it is important for artists to launch music websites to understand the type of music that most of their listeners appreciate. This questionnaire provides questions which can help them build a stronger understanding of what do their audiences expect from them such as gig information, more RDB remixes, more MP3 files and other such aspects related to you and your music.
  • You or your band may be into rock and heavy metal but if you are currently targeting the wrong audience who is of the opinion that they enjoy jazz more than rock, then it is an alarm for you to filter your audience to have better feedback about your music. This filtering can be done by including a question in the survey about the music preference of your website visitors. You can select those you say they prefer rock over the other forms of music. Send out music ideas to gain their feedback for future gigs and albums.
  • There will always be aspects of your website that need improvement. Survey is a perfect platform to gather visitors’ opinion about your music website and analyze answers to create strategies which can be implemented to enhance your website.

Best Uses of Music Website Survey

  • You can learn about visitor efforts and time invested in music.
  • Obtain insights into peoples’ music choices to develop effective marketing strategies that would help you build a loyal fan-base who relate with your music.
  • Do people prefer attending live gigs in this digital age? - Get answers to similar questions to perform in accordance to the audience’s expectations.
  • To gain a better understanding of your audience, you can customize this survey template to include questions that would be more effective for you or your brand.