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New Services Concept Test Survey Template

Concept test for new services.

Please read the following description of a [NEW CONCEPT] in order to complete the survey.

Select the rating that best describes how you feel about [NEW CONCEPT].
How interested would you be in using the described service?
What features/attributes of this service are the most valuable to you?
What do you find least appealing about this service?
Overall, how interested are you in buying this service?
Based on the description, what price would you expect to pay for the service? Please record one number, not a range.
If [ADDITIONAL FEATURE] were added to the basic concept, what is the amount you would expect to pay?
If you wanted to use the new service, which purchases method would you most prefer?
[NEW CONCEPT] might be used at different times or occasions. Please rank the following occasions by placing a 1 next to the occasion of greatest expected use, a 2 next to the occasions of next greatest expected use and so forth, until all items are ranked.
Occasion 1
Occasion 2
Occasion 3
Occasion 4
Who do you expect will use the new service most?
How often do you use products from this [SERVICE CATEGORY]
How aware are you of the following companies that offer similar services? Please check all that apply.