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Real Estate Survey Template

Real Estate Survey Template, designed by a team of expert real estate researchers, can be used to increase business opportunities by understanding what exactly do property buyers needs.

Stay well informed by deploying this survey template, to know how satisfied they are with their current agents, what property type are they looking to invest in, would they recommend their agent/company to their family/friends etc.

Use this questionnaire to find out more from respondents and use this feedback to stay ahead of your competitors in this ever-increasing real estate market. This sample survey template can be customized to suit the needs of business/companies/organizations.

Which source of information do you use while choosing real estate property?
Do you own a property?
Which type of property do you own?
Have you seen any homes/investment properties that you are interested in?
If you get the right property will you be able to make a decision immediately?
What is the price range of the property you are willing to consider?
What kind of real estate property are you considering to invest in?

Where would you like the property to be based?

How often do you need to look for a real estate property?
Have you ever consulted a real estate company/agent?

If YES, how do you feel about this real estate company/agent?
How likely are you to recommend this real estate company/agent?

Please choose your employment type

What is your annual income?

Please select your marital status
How do you plan to buy the real estate property?

Top 5 Real Estate Survey Questions you must ask

  1. What is your motivation for buying a house?

    This questions often intrigues buyers and they disclose the right kind of information comes to light. This information is important, as this will determine why they want to invest in the house and the real estate agent can find a house that best suits their needs.

  2. What is the amount of monthly mortgage you are comfortable paying?

    Just because a buyer qualifies for a $700,000 mortgage that doesn’t mean he/she is willing to pay that sum of money. Asking this question will help determine what amount of money a buyer is willing to spend to buy a house, a mortgage amount that will not pinch their pockets.

  3. Will you be living in this house or is it just an investment?

    Different people have different reasons for buying a house. Studies suggest more and more buyers are looking at the socioeconomic and valuation data before they are willing to make any investment. This is an important question to ask the buyer so their motivation is communicated instantly.

  4. Are you aware of the additional costs that come along once you purchase the house, like insurance, registration, maintenance etc?

    It doesn’t end with just paying for the house, there are other expenses that are associated with buying a house. Sometimes this amount can make or break a deal, hence, it is important for buyers to know of the additional expenses.

  5. Are you aware of your needs to purchase a house?

    There is a difference between need and desire. Agents must ask the potential buyers to make a list of must-needs and must-have. In order to do that, this question can be incorporated into the survey to get first-hand information.

Why Conduct a Real Estate Survey?

Just like any other successful organization that depends on the true value of customer feedback - the real estate industry can also benefit immensely from this same feedback from their customers. Often these real insights from real customers can serve as the game changer for your business, by enabling you to identify and act on loopholes and increase property sales!

Here are some great reasons to conduct a real estate survey:

  • Better understanding of buyer’s expectations: Conducting a real estate survey gives a better understanding of the business owners regarding what are the buyers’ expectations and needs regarding real estate.
  • Understanding Buyer’s needs: Using this survey can help businesses understand what kind of property type resonates with the clients/customers.
  • Collecting business-oriented data: When a respondent answers questions in this survey template, businesses will get all the important information regarding how much they are willing to spend on a real estate property, where would they be interested in buying the property etc.

Tips to conduct a Real Estate Survey

Here are some of the tips to conduct a real estate survey and improve the response rates:

  • Set your goal: Be clear about what your potential goals are even before you start deploying the survey, know if you want agents to be associated to your business or you want to get complete information and create a buyers profile, be clear what are the expected outcomes of deploying the survey.
  • Ask relevant questions: Once the goals are decided, ask only those questions that will help you gain the right kind of information. This survey template has a mix of buyer information or demographic questions and questions pertaining to buyers’ expectation regarding real estate property.
  • Identify your potential customers: Send out the survey to those customers who are likely to make a purchase from you, this will help them put their faith in your business and will send out a positive sign about the business valuing their customers and understanding their needs above all.