Website Evaluation Survey Template

This website evaluation survey template lets you gain feedback from your website visitors. Collect data on what do they like most about your website and the improvement areas. Know how likely are they to return to your website with this sample website evaluation questionnaire.
Optimize your website as per the feedback from the visitors and increase your web traffic. This free website evaluation survey template can be customized to suit your needs. Know how your visitors first heard about your business and optimize your marketing strategy accordingly.

How often do you visit our site?
How likely are you to:
Very Likely  
Somewhat Likely 
Somewhat Unlikely 
Not At All Likely
Return to this Web site?
Recommend this Web site?
What features had influenced your decision to continue using this website?
What is it about this site that you would most like to see improved?
What changes or additional features would you suggest for this website?
In a typical week, how many hours do you spend working on this website?
How did you first hear about this site?
Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

Why conduct a Website Evaluation Survey?

There are four main aspects that can be addressed by conducting a website evaluation survey-

  • Input about overall satisfaction with the website: A tremendous amount of work goes into creating a website. Gain feedback about whether or not the customers like your website and what are the aspects that they found informational and helpful.
  • Insights about a particular section of the website: Understand which sections keep the customers glued to your website. Inputs received on these points can be a source of internal benchmarking for year-on-year growth of the website.
  • Factors the motivate visitors to keep visiting your website: Questions can include an aspect of the website such as scrolling, content, hero image etc. Questions about each of these factors can be individually asked to understand customer preferences and expectation. By analyzing these feedback points, you can create a list of action items which can be influential in improving the quality of your website.
  • Competitor analysis of your website: Website evaluation questionnaire template can be implemented to benchmark competitors and best practices in the industry. Visitors are a source of infinite new and creative ideas for website improvement. A survey conducted for website evaluation can include questions about how you can enhance website operations in comparison to your direct and indirect competitors.

Best Uses of Website Evaluation Survey

  • The best use of website evaluation survey is that it can be a platform to understand whether customers think your content is accurate and do they feel the objective of the website is clear or not.
  • Also, review the target audience of your website. Is your website created for the intended target audience or does it need modification to be qualified for the target market?
  • A website has a pool of content but do customers rely on your content to make a decision or form an opinion about a subject? - Ask them the right questions to understand the reliability quotient of your website.
  • By sending out a website evaluation survey, you can also understand customer feedback about what is your unique selling point to make sure you take advantage of this USP to have an edge over the competition.

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