Website Retailer Satisfaction Survey Template

It is observed that 8 out of 10 customers are of the opinion that brands are now more concerned about customer satisfaction than they were 10 years ago. There is a yearly increase of 150% in the customers who prefer shopping via website retailers. This is an indication of important it is to consider customer satisfaction at every step of your business. With an increase in the number of mobile consumers, there is a definite chance of an exponential rise in the visitors of a website retailer.
QuestionPro offers this website retailer satisfaction survey template is accumulated by experts in website retail. Consumers are slowly and gradually preferring making purchases via website retailers and shunning the traditional physical retailers. This questionnaire considers this central fact and all the questions revolve around it.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out the [Company]online survey. This information will only be used to help us to serve you better.
How often do you visit our site?
How did you hear about our website?
How often do you use the web to find product information?
Did you find what you were looking for on our site?
If you did not find exactly what you wanted, please explain what you were looking for.
Any suggestion or recommendation to improve our site?
Please provide your e-mail address below if you would like to hear from us regarding your comments in this survey.
Thank you for your time.

Why conduct a Website Retailer Satisfaction Survey?

The need to ensure that customers are satisfied has increased since almost every other business is targeting website retail. Understanding customer expectations and needs become easy in case you send across a website retail satisfaction survey at regular intervals of time. In case customers are loyal to your brand, they are highly likely to provide honest opinions about how your brand can improve and on the flip side if customers are dissatisfied with your brand, they will be highly critical of your work and in turn provide you insights that might change the way you operate.

  • This questionnaire includes questions about frequency of purchasing goods online, whether your brand has fulfilled customer expectations, how did they know about your website, if they did not find what they were looking for - how can you evolve and other such survey questions related to website retailers.
  • As a website retailer, you face a significant amount of competition every day and even if your marketing team is the best in the business, they will fail to come up with innovative ideas for customer engagement to compete with other players in the market. It is evident that to survive in a market as competitive as website retail, you need to consistently and productively satisfy customer demands which can easily happen if you conduct a survey by implementing this survey template.
  • Consumers/ customers can be picky about what they want from your brand. You cannot afford to disappoint them at any stage of their purchase process and for them to know that they are extremely precious to your brand, you need to communicate. A survey is one of the most effective mediums to communicate with target audience frequently and understand where your brand needs to improve in terms of product options on your website.

Best Uses of Website Retailer Satisfaction Survey

  • Build trust towards your retail brand by including questions about how customer opinion will help you grow.
  • For some organizations, organic traffic is integral while some others, conduct social media campaigns to make sure customers visit their retail website. Understand which medium did the customer use to land on your website to analyze the popularity of that medium. This way, you can channelize your efforts towards optimizing that medium to increase the traffic on your website. Is there a missing piece on your website? - Know about it directly from consumers who visit your website often as their opinion on what is the missing piece on your website can lead to enhancements on the website which can, in turn, increase traffic and sales too.
  • Did they prefer your competitors before discovering your brand? - In most cases, the answer to this question will be positive which gives you an opportunity to know aspects where you can improve to cater to various customer needs.

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