Website Visitor Follow-up Survey Template

Website visitor follow up survey template offers questions about how helpful was their experience on your website, their demographic details for retargeting, number of hours spent online, other hobbies which may or may not be related to your product but can be instrumental in knowing the customers better, suggestions on how you can enhance your website and other such aspects related to website visitors.
Following up and keeping track of visitor information can be cumbersome but by sending out this questionnaire, you can conveniently follow up with the visitors and collect information in real-time. You can benefit the most from these website surveys as they are used to gather integral visitor information and their feedback about your website.

Thank you for visiting our site. We would like to know more about you so that we can be sure to bring the kinds of information and services that you need. Please complete the survey below so that we may have a perspective on your opinions. Thank you for your help.
How did you find out about the site?
What is your age?
How many hours per day are you on-line?
What do you enjoy doing in your spare time (you may check more than one) ?
What do you use the internet for?
From where do you most often access the Internet?
If you have, or plan to purchase goods on the Internet, what kinds of goods would you be most interested in?
What is your gender?
What is your level of education?
What is your household income?
What is your current occupation?
In your household, which age group is on-line the most?
E-mail Address:
Zip Code:
We would like to hear your suggestions on how we can expand or improve our site. What other information or services would you like us to provide you on-line?
Thank you for completing our survey!

Why conduct a Website Visitor Follow-Up Survey?

It is important to contact visitors post their transaction on your website as they take time and efforts to either make a purchase, sign-up or participate in some form of interaction with your organization. Their time and efforts should be appreciated by communicating with them and collecting further information from them for future reference.

  • Customer engagement is key and it doesn’t stop after at a single visit by the customer. If he/she shows interest in your brand but they do not make a significant action, it is a sign that they are either uninterested or they were not completely satisfied with what you had to offer.
  • This survey sample can also be used in such cases where it is important to understand the reason behind people not completing a transaction and analyze the number of people who consider the same factors for not going through with that sign-up or purchase.
  • By conducting a website visitor follow-up survey, you not only make it clear to the customers that they are precious to your organization but also gather critical information such as demographic details and feedback on transaction experience to improve your brand operations.
  • Consumer feedback to the questions of this questionnaire can provide you with answers to questions such as : “How can I improve my website?” or “Is there an increase or decrease in the number of people who complete a transaction within a single website visit?” and also information about their family income, age or email.

Best Uses of Website Visitor Follow-Up Survey

  • After collecting information about website visitors, you can conduct well-focused email marketing activities which include content targeting these individuals. Modifying your email marketing strategies to include these website visitors can help you in converting them for visitors to loyal customers.
  • Ask the right questions to the right website visitors and gather points of improvement to restructure your website model to enhance conversion rates.
  • By knowing visitor interests, likes and dislikes - you can build a relationship with the customers and communicate with them on the basis of these details.

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