Actionable Insights - How Gannett Keeps A Pulse on The Markets and Identifies Advertising Opportunities

Hosted On: Thursday, August 30, 2018

About the Webinar

Gannett keeps a pulse on the market and identifies opportunities using QuestionPro Communities. Dan Fleetwood from QuestionPro, Lenny Murphy from Greenbook, and Charlie Helt from Gannett will talk about tips for getting the insights you need and will also cover a few examples during the webinar. We'll be showcasing how Gannett utilizes their local market communities for a variety of reasons – ad effectiveness testing, concept and messaging testing and ad-hoc research to support local advertising partners and their annual Consumer Sentiment Study. The study explores consumer optimism about the U.S. & their local economy as well as their personal household economic outlook. The study also focuses on consumer purchase intent for several big-ticket categories such as Automobile, Real estate, Home improvement, Major Appliances, Electronics, and Travel 

In this webinar we discussed:

  • Tips and insights on how to keep a pulse on your key markets
  • Identifying advertising opportunities using insights collected
  • Identifying markets on the upswing or trending down in consumer perceptions
  • Pinpointing consumer categories where demand is high, in general, and by market

About The Speakers

Charlie Helt, Gannett
Director, Research Services
Charlie has 30 years of experience in marketing research. He joined Gannett as Director,Research Operations in 2001 following 10 years with Maritz Marketing Research. He has extensive experience conducting media research and large scale tracking and customer satisfaction studies.
Dan Fleetwood
President, QuestionPro Communities
Dan has over 15 years of market research experience and is passionate about the role that software plays in helping businesses. Dan believes that software can help companies get better feedback, uncover actionable insights, and ultimately develop better products and services.
Leonard Murphy
Leonard Murphy
Executive Editor and Producer, Greenbook
Leonard Murphy has been in the Market Research industry for 15+ years in various senior level roles, notably as CEO of Rockhopper Research, CEO of tech-driven start-up BrandScan360, and Sr. Partner of strategic consultancy Gen2 Advisors. He is a key consultant to numerous insight-focused organizations and an advisor to several technology focused start-ups.