Webinar Build online trust and boost your VoC program with CX Reputation
  • Crystal Wiese Marketing, Director
  • Ken Peterson President of CX

Once upon a time there was a company that thought they were doing pretty well. Their customers seemed quite content, and they had excellent business growth.

Then, one day, one of their customers had a bad experience. They were so dissatisfied, that they posted all about it on their LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp, telling all of their connections and posting on company review sites about how upset they were with their experience.

As the story kept being shared and re-shared, it seemed that the one unhappy customer found others who also had issues with the company.

Despite the business's intent to manage the situation, negative reviews and comments continued piling up and their growth began to decline.

Reputation can get destroyed in the blink of an eye

Stories like the one mentioned happen all the time. Evidently, we are way past questioning ourselves if our brand needs to manage effectively online reviews and social media comments.

The goal of a Voice of the Customer (VoC) platform is not -and should never be limited to capturing and analyzing data.

Sure, the Voice of the Customer (VoC) is essential to a company’s customer engagement and retention strategy. However, it all comes down to finding the real root cause of an issue and acting on its resolution.

Replying in the highest and quickest productive manner to multiple online customer comments and reviews.

That's why we developed CX Reputation, so you can monitor, respond and analyze online public ratings and reviews in real-time - all in the same place.

Join our CX crew, Crystal and Ken, who will go through the QuestionPro CX latest tool and how it can be a game changer to improve your brand's online reputation.

  • doneWhat are your customers saying about your brand online
  • doneHow to obtain more value from customers’ reviews
  • doneLeveraging AI Sentiment Analysis to uncover the actual root cause
  • doneHow can an online reputation management tool enhance your VoC program