Webinar 5 Awesome tools to improve survey results
  • Dan Fleetwood, President Research Platform & Communities, QuestionPro

From creation, deployment to analysis, this webinar session will highlight QuestionPro survey tools dedicated to improving your survey results. Maybe you've scrolled by these tools in the platform but you never used it - not to worry! This is your chance to see it live in action. Join Dan as he goes through use cases and practical applications you can apply to your survey projects today.

These five tools will show you how to:

  • - Create unbiased survey responses
  • - Customize surveys based on profiles and feedback
  • - Set up team collaboration options
  • - Improve data quality
  • - Improve custom data sharing options
  • doneBest practices to gather data
  • doneTips to avoid response bias
  • doneFilter bad and duplicate data
  • doneOptimal data analysis


Speakers: Dan Fleetwood, Research Platform & Communities, QuestionPro

Top five questions & answers from this webinar
Q: How do you get to collaborator's view?

Answer: You can set the status within the survey. They get a link to the survey in the email. When the collaborators click on the link, they view the survey and can post their general or specific comments. They can also suggest changes to the question type as well and update that. So a number of different things that you can do inside of the collaboration.

Q: Does the weighting get exported into SPSS?

Answer: The phase two of the weighting and balancing is exporting into SPSS, and I believe it's slated to come out in June or July I can follow up with you on that for sure, but a step one was getting the updated waiting and then I know phase two was export into SPSS.

Q: Is weighting appropriate in all situations? What are the pro's and con's?

Answer: There are different schools of thought on this. Some people that say you should weight your data, some say that you shouldn't weight your data. There are people that say you should only weight up your data or not, weight it down, or maybe vice versa. So there are definitely different schools of thought and that how much you alter with the data set depends on how many completed responses you have and large sample size. I think if you have a small sample size, sometimes it can bias that data and it's not really a true reflection. So the weighting that could really skew the results. I think it largely depends on your comfortability with it and then the data set that you're actually dealing with.

Q: Is reducing bias the only reason to use randomization?

Answer: Question randomization and block randomization wouldn't be so much for reducing bias, although that would be more for using it for different study types like showing a different image. Some of the main use cases that I see for the question randomization and block randomization are for image testing or randomly display one set of questions to a respondent.

Q: Can collaboration be used for live survey scripting? Or is that only post set up?

Answer: Yes, you can so once the survey is live, you've already sent it out and responses are being collected. So, you wouldn't want to have it in collaboration mode, but before that process and you're initially testing that you can use collaboration mode.