Webinar How an Insights Repository can supercharge your insights team!
  • Nick Freiling Director InsightsHub,
  • Aseem Badshah Managing Director - QuestionPro UK
  • Carolyn Shetter Research Operations Associate, Okta

'Insights repository' is a 2022 buzzword.

But what exactly IS an insights repository? How can your insights team use one to supercharge your research?

From UX/UI to CX and market research, insights repositories are a powerful way to organize your insights data and empower your researchers to be more agile. By storing all research data in one single place, researchers and external stakeholders gain more visibility into your insights team's work. Join Nick Freiling (QuestionPro), Aseem Badshah (QuestionPro), and Carolyn Shetter (Okta) for an in-depth discussion about how to build and use an insights repository.

This webinar will help you learn how to build your own insights repository.

And everyone who attends will get a free insights repository best practices guide! You can also get a copy of this best practices guide reach by reaching out to Nick Freiling !

  • doneLearn what is an insights repository
  • doneCreate a single source of the truth with your insights data
  • doneBest practices guide on creating your insights repository
  • doneLeverage InsightsHub to democratize insights.