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Is it used?: A study of factors influencing the transfer of sales training

Project Abstract

The annual investment in organizational training is measured in the billions of dollars. In many organizations sales training consumes a significant component of their training overhead and budget. The challenge in all types of training is the determination of how to identify if the classroom learning has been transferred to the job. This proposal suggests one approach to identify participant´┐Żs demographic barriers that influence the successful transfer of training/learning. The study uses the Learning Transfer System Inventory (LTSI) instrument developed by Holton III, E. F., Bates, R. A., and Ruona, W. E. (2000). The instrument consists of four scales which have been identified as factors influencing barriers to transfer of learning: Ability; Work Environment; Motivation; Trainee Characteristics. The study will determine the correlation between demographic variables of age, gender, and experience together with attitudes and perceptions of training to the scales in the instrument.

Surveys released for this project:
Learning Trasfer 97
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