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Investigating Determinants of User Involvement during Software Project Development

Project Abstract

The success of a software project is largely governed by whether the end product is acceptable to the users. Even if the project meets its criteria�s of cost and schedule, the project could be deemed as a failure if the final product is unusable. Literature on software project development success has pointed out the importance of user involvement, claiming it to be absolutely essential for successful project outcomes. Involvement results in the development of an ownership leading to a feeling of attachment with the system, and thus facilitating its adoption. Certain characteristics of software development process can facilitate involvement of users during software development project, which we wish to investigate here. We propose the �User Ownership Enabler Model�, which like the �Technology Acceptance Model (TAM)� attempts to predict and explain the determinants of user ownership of the software development process that is general, and valid across a wide range of software development environments.

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Investigating Determinants of User Involvement dur 68
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