Creating surveys is risky business! Risky, because, a bad survey can’t get you the responses that you expected to achieve and you wouldn’t want that.

Having said that, surveys are definitely one of the most impactful tools for organizations that have major decisions to make. Online surveys created with defined, carefully curated question and answer styles yield results that can be implemented to make valuable changes.

A survey research can be fruitful only when apt survey questions are asked. Attention to detail, the involvement of creativity and the flow of the survey are the most crucial factors while designing surveys. Getting insights from a survey can be difficult if these factors aren’t in place.

In this blog, we discuss points that survey creators should keep in mind while creating a survey online for qualitative and quantitative market research.

7 Simple steps to create a survey online:

  • Create easy to understand questions that are to the point:

Build creative questions that are easily understandable and precise. A survey creator needs to understand that the survey respondents should be able to grasp the intention of the question without having to actually read it.

Achieve this by using everyday language to form the question. Imagine yourself asking questions to your near and dear ones and jot down the questions to make sure you don’t overdo the questions.

  • Merge shorter questions:

To create a survey, one needs to be aware of the implications that short, imprecise questions may have on the responses. To avoid inaccurate responses, combine the inter-related questions into one.

  • Use relatable question types:

When you create a survey, the purpose of the survey and question types that’ll solve the purpose should be decided. For that, you need to keep in mind the fact that options such as “highly likely” and “highly unlikely” will be more effective than numbers “1” or “5”. Likert scale or Semantic scale questions will fetch you accurate insights than numbers.

  • Avoid numerous or insufficient question options:

This is a very subjective tip for a survey creator. The exact number of questions may differ from survey to survey but all the answer options should be covered in such a way that it gives you insights into the clientele and solves the purpose of the survey.  

Have an option for respondents to fill out answers that might not be listed in the options. This makes your question full proof. Offer answer options that you think your customers would prefer not what you want them to answer.

  •  Offer “skip” option to answers that don’t apply to respondents:

There can be varied cases where the respondents would avoid answering questions like if they aren’t experienced enough or aren’t sure whether they want to answer the question or can’t/ won’t entertain certain situations. In cases like these, provide a “Doesn’t apply to me”  or “I’d like to skip this question” option that allows customers to refrain from answering questions that they don’t want to.

  • Be careful while using multiple choice questions:

As a survey creator, you’d want to keep it clear for the respondents. In case of multiple choice questions, it’s convenient to offer options that overlap. That’ll confuse the respondents for sure.

While designing multiple choice questions, you’d want to create options that don’t have options that overlap. In case you have a multiple choice question that says, “Which age group do you belong to?”, you can’t have options like “25-30, 30-35,35-40.”

The results you achieve for this answer will be altered as the 30 and 35-year-olds have 2 options to choose from!

  • Skip double-direct questions:

For a survey creator, it can get intimidating to accommodate every single detail in a survey but, skipping questions that have two equally important aspects is a must.

For example, avoid questions like “Did you like the decor and service of our restaurant?”. This has technically two questions squeezed into one that might not give accurate results for your survey.

Ways to create a survey online with QuestionPro

There are 3 advisable methods to create a survey. Using QuestionPro, you can create surveys either from scratch or by importing a survey from a word document or by using the ready-made templates.

  • New Survey: With over 80 question types offered by QuestionPro, you can easily create a new survey from scratch. Everything can be customized from the start to end.
  • Import Survey from a Word Document: By following a particular syntax, you can create a survey in a word document which can then be uploaded to the system.
  • Free Survey Templates: We provide over 250 templates that can be implemented to create surveys in a matter of seconds. These templates are segregated into categories for ease of use too.

Steps to improve survey response rate while creating a survey:

  • Be quick: The shorter a survey, the better it is to receive quicker responses as it increases the chances of the respondents finishing it.
  • Offer gift coupons and other incentives: A Starbuck or an Amazon gift coupon and also other incentives will motivate the respondents to complete the survey.
  • Purchase a reliable audience: With a platform such as QuestionPro Audience that has more than 22 million panelists onboard, an organization can be assured to receive accurate responses that fulfill their target.

Why should you use QuestionPro to create surveys?

Over 10 million survey creators have relied on QuestionPro to create surveys for their business. Here are 5 reasons why!

  1. Multiply your customer database by effectively implementing regular product/service enhancements on the basis of customer feedback. Boost customer loyalty, uplift referrals and spot scope of business improvement.
  2. Gain real-time insights into customer or employee feedback by creating precise surveys using questions from over 80 survey questions or create a survey using one of the 250+ QuestionPro survey templates.
  3. Create, manage and engage an online community which connects your target audience to focused and filtered feedback about crucial topics.
  4. Purchase an audience from over 22 million panelists across 32 countries for a powerful research. These panelists are niche and focused to suffice the needs of a specific survey.
  5. QuestionPro is a 360° survey platform that offers more than just surveys. Along with surveys, organizations can analyze data in real-time and also purchase niche audiences for accurate survey results due to which they can implement customer feedback to make their products and services better with each survey.

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