Boosting insights for the future of CBD, Cannabis, and the Wellness industry.

From Cannabis production, compliance, services or supply chain, industry relevant data should be the cornerstone of your business.

In the United States alone, the legal cannabis ecosystem was valued as a 13.9 billion dollar in 2019 by PEW Research. With exponential growth comes opportunity for all areas of the marijuana sector. Understanding the potential market for consumer trends, gathering customer feedback on in store experiences, managing employee experience from the farms to the counter is going to play critical roles as the cannabis industry matures.

Reach a diverse panel of participants

With more than 100,000 audience members combined, QuestionPro panels offer Cannabis producers, retailers, investors and others in the industry easy and affordable access to critical insights and opinions.


Measure everything that happens on both sides of the counter

Using QuestionPro to learn about what matters to your customers and business:

  • Customer perceptions of your brand or others
  • How has your new product been received by the market?
  • What brands are most preferred by consumers?

Interested in using QuestionPro for Cannabis research?

From retaining current customers to gathering fresh insights, we can help you at every segment of your journey.

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Drive product and operational improvements with advanced features

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Multilingual surveys

Choose from over 100 languages so you can capture exponentially better responses using the most spoken dialect in the target market.

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Data Protection

ISO compliant survey platform to help you adhere to federal and local compliances and focus on just the data collection and insights generation.

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Measure customer satisfaction

Use our advanced NPS question type to isolate, identify and predict customer churn. Leverage customer interaction to improve your products and services.

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