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Measure Customer Satisfaction with Surveys and Analytics

Monitor Customer Satisfaction (CSAT)

Integrate a customized satisfaction survey to reduce customer churn, improve customer satisfaction, identify your promoters and grow your business from existing customers. Leverage scientific and mathematical metrics such as Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT), Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort Score (CES) to monitor customer satisfaction.

Map & Track your Customer Journey

Map and track experience of the customer at every touchpoint in their entire journey with your company in real time and measure customer satisfaction at various micro-level segments using CSAT, NPS and CES questions and powerful analytical dashboards.

Prevent Customer Detraction

Identify detractors and address their issues quickly to reduce the volume of inquiries and improve customer satisfaction. Using the fully automated configurable system, smart routing categorizes and distributes messages automatically to support representatives, reducing your team's workload, response time and to prevent customer detraction.

Measure Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Net promoter score gives you a numeric value to how dedicated your customers are to your organization. QuestionPro CX enables you to analyze comparative NPS scores company-wide or based on location, internal departments, products or services. Furthermore, CX NPS scores will enable you to identify customers who would promote your brand, stay passive or even detract from your brand, thus providing you with actionable insights to devise your strategies accordingly to generate more revenue from your existing customers.

Detractor Recovery

QuestionPro CX identifies potential lost customer on the basis of NPS survey response values and can be configured to send out automated notifications to respective customer representatives to follow up with these customers. CX, with the help of its powerful analytical dashboard and actionable insights, helps you to assess why a customer is detracting from your organization and hence allow you to devise strategies that can help you to reduce manual work, address issues in real time and thus provide an opportunity to win back your lost customers.

Promoter Amplification

CX is the best customer satisfaction tool which allows you to transform your promoters to be brand ambassadors of your company. It will help you identify promoters among your customers and enable you to configure automated and smart actions based on data gathered through NPS survey questions, which will help you to amplify your influence on your social media channels in just a click!

Text & Sentiment Analysis

Exploring and analyzing open-ended text responses to derive meaning from it in a smart and useful way to create valuable business intelligence is offered by QuestionPro CX through text and sentiment analysis. The software provides valuable insights about the respondent's emotions to understand if he is inclined towards positive, negative or neutral feelings towards your organization while answering the survey.

Priority Matrix

The priority matrix feature offered by CX provides you with easy to understand infographics on NPS-Driver score which will give you insights into what touchpoints should be on your priority list to make improvements. For example, a high driver score and a low NPS score will represent high priority action.

Automated Scheduled Distribution

Automatic distribution of repeat surveys can be configured by CX, thus reducing the time and effort taken to send out these surveys manually every time. All you need to do is configure the schedule for your repeat surveys, import the customer database and your surveys are distributed automatically over and over again.

CX management on the go

Graphical representation of the total number of responses to the surveys, NPS scores, number of promoters, passives, and detractors are provided to you by CX mobile App. The app provides you with an easy to understand interface which enables you to view your previous responses, NPS scores for business units or individual scores of business/child units if any, detractor comments and the status of tickets that are generated for them, all on the go! The app is available over Android and iOS both.

CX Intercept and In-App Surveys

QuestionPro CX enables you to create intercept surveys such as pop up, feedback or exit surveys and helps you to configure the triggers at the right touch points during the customer's journey on your website to understand customers satisfaction level with your brand in an extremely easy manner. Furthermore, In-app surveys offered by CX not only help the organization to understand the satisfaction level of the customer with your mobile app but also can give you data that will help lower uninstall rates of the app.

Software Integrations

Seamlessly integrate your QuestionPro data with your existing CRM platforms such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamic, Tableau, Caspio, Google Sheets, Hubspot and many more with a host of powerful integrations! These integrations utilize webhooks and APIs for a smooth back-end data integration.

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Software Data Security

Data security is the highest priority for QuestionPro's survey tools. QuestionPro is SSAE 16 (SOC 2) compliant, EU and Swiss SafeHarbor certified and fully GDPR compliant. Single sign-on is available and SSL for survey and data is standard.

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Full Turnkey Customer Satisfaction Solution

Gather deep actionable insights on customer satisfaction and brand loyalty metrics using CSAT, CES, and NPS, all under a single and easy to use platform. Understand the whole and soul of customer satisfaction by collecting data-oriented customer feedbacks and analyze using powerful analytical dashboards which provide comparative scoring, satisfaction heat maps, priority matrix and much more!

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Custom Solutions & Services

QuestionPro helps you to enhance effective measurement of customer experience by offering custom solutions to complement the CX software. Custom solutions such as survey development, custom development, customized branding and templates, translations, logic scripting, data drill on reports, data imports, software integrations, report scheduler, email delivered reports and custom training are services provided by QuestionPro.

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