The Hacker's Guide to Culture Management

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How Getting Serious About Culture Unlocks Business Results

  • Introduction
  • What Culture Really is
  • Beyond Foosball
  • And much more!

Every time I hear someone say, “culture eats strategy for breakfast,” I throw up a little bit in my mouth (sorry for that visual).

Peter Drucker was definitely on to something when he coined the phrase. It has become cliche, though; and most leaders toss it around as lip service to how important they think culture is. No one argues that point anymore.

Culture is crucial...we all know that. It’s time to start actually doing something about it. We need more than cliches; we need thoughtful plans, tangible actions, intentional investment and energy around managing our culture.

We ought to be managing culture, in fact, just as we do every other important operating system in our business. And if we don’t, can’t, or won’t, no one will be eating anything for breakfast.

If you’re ready to take the plunge and get intentional about managing your culture as a differentiator, then download this e-book, to learn everything about culture.

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