The Hacker's Guide to eNPS

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Improve your eNPS. Enrich your organization's employee experience.
Download our eNPS ebook to

  • Know the strongest and weakest correlations to your eNPS
  • Know how to measure eNPS effectively
  • Elevate employee engagement levels
  • Use eNPS to bring about positive changes to your employee processes
  • Improve employee loyalty
  • Contain employee attrition

What's driving eNPS? Here are the three strongest correlations

  • My company spends time understanding and then responding to my individual and unique needs
  • I am asked to participate and have a sense of ownership - and responsibility - for our company's success
  • My company is genuinely interested in my health and welfare...and shows it

Download this eNPS ebook to improve staff loyalty and improve your eNPS scores.

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