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Real Time Governance

Real Time Governance is the most powerful and intellectual initiative, under the Obama administration in 2009- The Open Government Initiative. The Open Government Initiative (OGI) led to many subsequent policy frameworks like Open Data,,, (Citizen Petitions) and other citizen engagement initiatives within the US federal government eco-system.

This initiative was primarily aimed at engaging and including the citizens in the decision making policy and also to make sure there are no last minute hassles in implementing these policies. Last mile operations are defined as the point of contact between citizens and governments - examples like applying for a replacement driver’s license, filing for veterans benefits et al. - Where governments truly interact with the citizens.

However the big question that still stands tall is, can the Government transform their thinking to treat their citizens as their customers?

There are some similar example of real time governance in other countries like India, where having an Aadhar card (Nation ID card service) is mandatory for all the Indian citizens, in Dubai- the smart Government and also in the city of San Francisco’s connected government initiative. If you want to know more about Real Time Governance download this e-book now!

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