API integration with surveys


What is API integration with surveys?

API integration or ‘application programming interface’ integration with surveys allows you to create a custom library to communicate with your existing suite of web applications.

You can build a robust research process by authenticating your QuestionPro API by using the API key in the request and automating the data collection process. If you are unable to find what you are looking for, you can build your API library for custom integrations with data of any sort that fits your brand or research needs.

Example of API integration with surveys

An airline that carries hundreds of thousands daily is always on the lookout for feedback from customers at the point of experience. To manually manage this process with multiple variables that can continuously change is a challenge. Using the API integration and API keys with the survey platform, surveys trigger at predefined intervals - such as when someone gets off a flight. This process is entirely automated and requires no manual intervention for the data collection, making it a hassle-free experience. The analysis is automated and real-time and allows the airline to reach out to customers immediately in case of grievances.


Uses of API integration with surveys

The practical applications of using surveys with API integration are endless. In any scenario where two web-applications need to communicate with each other, using an API key makes the process simple and extremely easy. There is no limitation on creating workflows to manage data with API keys, making this integration an invaluable tool in the insights collection process.

Advantages of using API integration with surveys

How to use API integration with surveys

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