NPS+ survey question


What is the NPS+ survey question?

The NPS+ feature, a combination of NPS, root cause, and comment question, is exclusive to QuestionPro CX.

NPS+ lets you collect insightful information from your customers in 3 easy steps:

Using the data you've uncovered in steps #2 and #3, you can figure out what's working for your promoters and what's not for detractors. This arms you with data to work towards improving your NPS score.

Once a user provides an NPS rating on a scale of 0-10, they get to support their rating with a reason. This is what is known as the root cause, and it's gathered through an open-ended question generated.

Once customers have mentioned their reason, they get the option to upvote comments from other customers. This helps in getting a better perspective on your NPS score.

Example of NPS+ in a survey

Let’s consider a local restaurant that offers home delivery of food as a service. You can use the NPS+ feature to find out how your customers rate you. With the NPS rating, you can clearly track your promoters, passives, and detractors. With the comments format of the NPS+, you can clearly figure out what areas need improvement or which areas are doing well and should stay on the same track.

Looking at the below example, we can clearly see that restaurant has 2 key areas of concern - delivery time and service. Rather than wondering why their NPS score was low, they now know why it was and work on improving it using the customer feedback.




Uses of NPS+ in surveys

This feature will help QuestionPro CX users understand their customers better. The way it works will help make the most of customer feedback. Since you ask for the reasons behind the rating, you get to know the gap areas and how you can fill them rather than guessing. You can use data from the additional comments to chalk up a plan and work towards improving your NPS score. Some of the key uses of NPS+ are:

Advantages of creating surveys with NPS+

The key benefits of using NPS+ questions in your surveys are as below:


Distribution chart: You can view customer feedback for a survey on a distribution chart giving you the option to track the number of responses for certain aspects or which aspects were hot spots to look into.


How to use NPS+ in surveys?

To use NPS+ in surveys, check out our help file on NPS+.

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