Audio & Video Survey

Embedding a YouTube Video

Can I embed or post a YouTube video in my survey?

There are two ways to include a YouTube video in your survey. The first is to include a Video question in your survey. The second is to add video to a Select One question. To do this, follow the steps listed below.

  • Log in >> Surveys (Select Survey) >> Edit >> Workspace >> Settings >> Advanced >> Video
  • In the YouTube Video section, enter the YouTube video ID. If the youtube video URL is:, then the video ID is: 9AK5Bxs3XxM

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The video will be embedded and display as part of your survey.


How can I upload other audio or video files?

  • Login »  Surveys »  (Select Survey) »  Edit »  Images
  • Upload the file to your account.
  • For the uploaded file, HTML embed code is generated.
  • Copy and paste this code anywhere on the survey to embed the file.

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I have embedded audio or video, but it does not display or play on the survey.

For audio or video to play or display online in a browser, a compatible playback software is necessary. Please make sure you and your respondents install the necessary software or plugins.

  • Adobe Flash player: Required to stream Youtube videos.
  • Quick Time: Plays most audio / video formats.