Audio survey


What is an audio survey?

An audio survey has audio clips embedded in the questionnaire. Usually, the survey administrator gives a short introduction and asks questions at the end of the audio clip.

Alternately, the survey administrator can also ask question first and then play the audio. If the length of the audio is more, questions can be asked at regular intervals.

Embedding an audio file in your surveys is great way to offer a more engaging experience to the respondents. The type of questions asked in a survey has a significant impact on how respondents perceive and answer the question. By embedding audio in surveys, you ensure your questionnaire has optimum coverage, carries a substantial and trusted source of information, and much more.

The market researchers aim to design, create, and present surveys that would good responses, in terms of both quantity and quality. Surveys with audio are capable of delivering a lot more information in less time as compared to written text. This creates a concise and compact survey, and makes it visually appealing too.

Example of an audio survey

Consider a media company publishes podcasts every week on social media sites. At the end of the podcast, they can embed a short audio clip requesting feedback on the podcast.

Another example can be an online quiz. The participants should listen to an audio clip embedded in the quiz and asked to identify the speaker.

Uses of embedding audio in survey

Advantages of using audio in surveys

How to embed audio in your surveys

Check out our 'Survey with audio' help document for a better understanding of how it works.

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