Automatic redirect surveys


What is an automatic redirect in surveys?

Most organizations create a thank you page for respondents after they finish their surveys. While that is a great option, and it shows you appreciate their feedback, you can exercise better options.

Automatic redirect is one such option. You can input a website URL along with the thank you message, which takes respondents to a page you wish. This survey setting comes in handy to keep your survey respondents engaged and interacting with your brand.

Example of automatic redirect in a survey

Brands that conduct customer surveys can use this option to drive more traffic to their website. You can include links to your product pages or create awareness about a new product or service that is being launched by putting in the appropriate URL. Including URLs that take respondents to new product pages can complement your marketing efforts and create awareness in the market. Judging by the website traffic and inquiries, you can gauge the response and prepare a readiness or product launch plan.

Automatic-redirect1 Automatic-redirect2

Uses of automatic redirect in surveys

Using automatic redirects in your survey completion pages can help educate your customers or potential customers about your organization. You can redirect them to news items, any new awards that you may have won, any new blogs or case studies, etc. It helps in building traffic for your website and improves customer interaction and engagement with your brand.

Advantages of creating surveys with automatic redirect

How to use an automatic redirect in surveys

To use the automatic redirect in surveys, read our help files on how to set up an automatic redirect.

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