Captcha survey question


What is a captcha question?

CAPTCHA stands for Completely Automated Public Turing test to distinguish computers and humans. It is a challenge-response test used in online applications to determine whether the user is a human or an automated program.

They are used to prevent software or robots from exploiting the system and allow only legitimate human users. It is one of the basic question types used to create a survey questionnaire.

Captcha verification is a third-party service provided by Google. However, no data is sent to Google while using this service. Respondents can go through Google's reCaptcha service privacy policies and terms by clicking on the link in the question.

Captcha question consists of a checkbox that confirms that the user is a human and not an automated program. Once the respondents tick the box, they can proceed with answering the survey.

If the respondents do not tick the box, then they will see a validation message saying, 'Please check the box'.

Captcha question is generally used on the first page of the survey with no other question on the same page. It ensures that bots do not pose as humans and make any malicious attempt to disturb the data and systems.

Captcha survey question doesn't prevent the respondents from taking the survey multiple times. However, you can configure the survey settings to ensure that no respondent answers the questionnaire more than once.

Types of captcha question

There are mainly two types of captcha verification questions used in online applications.

QuestionPro offers a checkbox based captcha question type in surveys.

Example of captcha question in surveys

Assume a retail company wants to learn more about the online shopping habits of people and wants to conduct an online study for the same. To make more people complete the questionnaire, the company has also offered rewards to the respondents who answer all questions.

In such a case, market researchers should use a captcha question in their survey to make sure that people don’t trick the system with bots and claim rewards.


Uses of captcha questions in surveys

Advantages of captcha verification question in surveys

How to add a captcha question in your surveys?

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