Caspio integration with surveys


What is Caspio integration with surveys?

Caspio allows you the ability to create custom business applications. By integrating Caspio with your surveys, you can turn the survey data into compelling data resources with custom workflows, designs, role-based access, and more.

Turn your survey data into powerful insights within minutes. Define your survey data's behavior and use the Caspio integration to create powerful charts and dashboards that matter to the relevant stakeholders.

Example of Caspio integration with surveys

For example, consider an IoT hardware manufacturing company in stealth mode that is conducting usability testing and pre-launch research. This organization works on Caspio to build highly scalable models and applications with cloud-based data. Integrating Caspio with the survey platform allows them to create multiple models and dashboards about prospective usage, market segmentation, purchase intent, purchase journey, etc. without having to splurge on sophisticated analytical software. This integration also then provides the ability to create web-based reports that are highly interactive and provide the flexibility of different data representation methods to various stakeholders.


Uses of Caspio integration with surveys

Collect survey data and push into the cloud-based highly scalable platform with the Caspio integration. This data then can be consumed in real-time by relevant stakeholders in the form of easy to understand reports with the help of the in-built intuitive, visual development tools. You can also define how you would like the data to be interpreted and create scalable solutions for your brand or enterprise.

Advantages of Caspio integration with surveys

How to use Caspio integration with surveys

To set-up integration of Caspio with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to set up Caspio integration.

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