Custom branded login portal


What is a custom-branded login portal?

A login page customized to display your business name, logo, and the branded theme is considered a custom-branded login portal. The custom look and feel reflects your brand voice and style and thus created a branded survey login portal.

If you apply custom branding to your QuestionPro account, all users logging into your QuestionPro account will need to use the custom branded survey login portal. Our users can request their account representative to format this page to look as they like. They can change the font color, size, type, add a logo, and do a lot more.

Example of a custom branded login page

Assume an FMCG company that wants to run a customer feedback survey. It can place its logo on the login page and change the survey theme to give a custom look and feel. The custom login page will look similar to the screenshot below. The business logo will be displayed on the top of the page.

Branded surveys login page

Uses of a custom branded login page

Advantages of creating a custom branded login portal

How to set up custom branded login portal?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the co-branded login page.

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