Custom variable mapping surveys


What is custom variable mapping in surveys?

QuestionPro lets you upload many variables apart from your general demographics for conducting surveys. These provide several advantages such as segmentation, knowing your audience better, etc.

It helps to name these custom variables and map them so you can view them internally and derive insights. Custom variable mapping refers to managing and viewing these variables as a tool for viewing data and generating detailed reports.

Examples of custom variable mapping in a survey

Imagine a big retail chain that has stores across various major cities in the US. The Customer Service (CS) departments from each of the stores are supposed to conduct customer satisfaction surveys and uncover if there are any customer complaints, issues, what’s making them happy, etc. If the management team or the marketing team wants to look at their data, they can use the regional CS department as a custom variable. Not only will this be easy to map but also look at reports to gauge success patterns.


Uses of custom variable mapping in surveys

Some organizations require multiple custom variables for better segmenting, understanding, and analyzing their audience. Custom variable mapping helps in renaming your custom variable, which makes it easy for brands to identify them while designing surveys and generating reports.

Advantages of creating surveys with custom variable mapping

How to use custom variable mapping in surveys

To use custom variable mapping in surveys, read our help files on how to set up custom variable mapping.

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