Custom Variable Mapping

What is Custom Variable Mapping?

Custom Variable Mapping is used to rename, or mask, custom variables. Instead of Custom1, Custom2, etc., you can specify names for the variables to make them easier to identify when designing the survey and viewing reports. Custom variables will have both a Display Name and a Code.

How can I set this up?

  • Log in >> Surveys (Select Survey) >> Edit >> Variables
  • click on + Add.
  • Select the Custom Variable in the Custom Variables column. NOTE: If you are using an email list in the format Email, FirstName, LastName, Custom1, etc., FirstName and LastName are usable only for the mail merge, not for variable mapping. You will not be able to use FirstName or LastName in the survey questions. The only way to do this would be to use the Email List format Email, Custom1, Custom2, etc., and map Custom1 to FirstName, Custom2 to LastName, etc.
  • Enter the Display Name for the variable. This is how the variable will appear in reports.
  • Enter the Code for the variable. The code is how the variable will be referred to using the ${custom1} code (in the email invitation, thank you page, question text, etc.).

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To use the mapped custom variable within an Email Invitation (where the email list was uploaded as Email, FirstName, LastName, Custom1, Custom2, etc.):



To pipe the custom variable in a survey question:  

In surveys, it will display the custom variables name. (This can be piped in by uploading the information in the email list, or by piping it from elsewhere in the survey.)

Reports will show the Display Name given to the custom variable.

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