Customer success managers


What are customer success managers for surveys?

Customer success managers are extensions of your research process and act as external research members for your insights collection process.

These individuals have extensive knowledge of the survey platform, but they also have a stronghold on research techniques and effective research methods. These customer champions work with you and your extended teams to ensure that you meet your research goals without having to do much of the heavy lifting.

Examples of a customer success manager for surveys

An excellent example of a customer success manager adding value to a brand’s research process is when an apparel brand is looking to launch a new line of clothing. It takes multiple studies and intelligence gathering to get it right.

There are many parameters to consider: geographical spread, customer preferences, typical purchase behavior, and journey, pricing sensitivity, market dynamics, value positioning, etc. A customer success manager brings in the expertise of the domain and the tool and offers solutions that are practical, scalable, reliable, and offer value for money.

Right from the research techniques to the best question types, sample recommendations, survey verbiage, respondent gratification, and rewards, this individual aligns with your brand values and then offers the best suggestions.

Uses of customer success managers for surveys

The most significant use of a customer success manager to a brand and a researcher is to act as a seamless extension of the internal research team and process. The only objective of this individual is to ensure that the heavy lifting is done for you while you get to focus on what matters - the insights.

Advantages of customer success managers for surveys

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