Customizable report theme


What are customizable report themes in surveys?

When you conduct surveys, you share them internally and sometimes externally as well. Internally, survey reports get distributed among the management team, marketing team, customer service team, etc.

Externally, it could be to your stakeholders, potential customers via social media channels, or external promotional agencies. When sharing externally, it is essential to brand the report to your brand themes and colors for credibility, brand identification, and authenticity. The customizable report theme survey setting lets you do that with all your online surveys.

Example of customizable report theme in a survey

Consider a leading car manufacturer who has surveyed to check which car brand customers in a region buy from and trust the most. The survey results show that the said manufacturer is the most trusted and most customers buy from them. This is a win for the manufacturer, something they can be proud of and advertise about. They can release the results of this survey to promote their products and how they are the region's most trusted brand car brand. Releasing this report externally with their branding will help in brand recall and recognition. They can even use the survey source to brand themselves as the ‘most trusted brand’ in that specific region.


Uses of customizable report theme in surveys

Customizable report themes help disseminate your survey results and reports to your shareholders, investors, and customers. Using customizable themes, you can present your various research studies and showcase the efforts of your organization. You can even post these dashboards and reports on the internet for everyone to see. Your branding will help in brand recognition and recall.

Advantages of creating surveys with customizable report theme

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