Date and Time Question

What is the Date/Time question?

Date/Time allows you the ability ask respondents to enter a value for a date, and, if desired, a time. This can be useful for asking birthdays, store visit and time, website visit and time, desired date and time of an event, and other such questions.

How do I add a Date/Time question to my survey?

  • Click on Add Question button to add a question.
  • From the Basic select the Date / Time question.
  • Enter the question text.
  • Enable if you would like to display date or display time or both. Displaying the time will allow the time entry drop-down to appear next to the date drop-down. Note: The question cannot be added until at least one option from 'display date' or 'display time' is selected.
  • You can also enable Default to Today's Date. This will always be the date that you or the respondent accesses the survey. Note: This option can be enabled only if the 'display date' option is enabled.
  • Click Save Question.

Why use a Date/Time question ?

Date/Time questions store the date/time information entered by respondents in a special format. This format enables tools to filter data based on the dates entered by respondents.

Can I customize the Date/Time question?

To customize the Date / Time question:

  • Go to the Settings for the question.
  • In the popup, you can select from the given options.
    • Validation/Response Required: Selecting this option will ensure that the date entered by respondent is valid.
    • Select Date Format: By default, Date Format is MM-DD-YYYY. You can specify the required Date Format.
    • Year Range: By default, the year range starts from 1900 to 2049. You can specify the required year range.