Dedicated support managers


What is dedicated support managers for surveys?

Dedicated support managers for your surveys are platform experts that you can reach out to, to get your queries resolved. Support managers are professionals at the platform and know the boundaries to which the survey platform can be pushed and hence offer creative solutions to problems.

Dedicated support managers also provide insights into survey management, distribution, data analysis, integrations, etc.

Examples of a dedicated support manager for surveys

A retail giant has a diverse product portfolio and many moving parts, including various demographics, supply chains, point of sale, point of experience stores, etc. The volume of surveys and survey responses is always high in such cases. In such a scenario, the platform experts have a higher level of dependency to get the set-up and data collection done the right way so that the insights collection is accurate.

Uses of dedicated support managers for surveys

The dedicated support manager for surveys acts as an extension and a technical expert to your brand. Right from recommending research techniques and methods, advanced logic management, panel integration, and optimal question types, the support manager is the go-to-person on everything you need.

Advantages of dedicated support managers for surveys

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