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What is a device theme?

The device theme enables you to change your offline app's theme to match your organization's brand colors. Brand identity plays a significant role in market research surveys.

You can customize the theme of your offline survey for increased engagement due to brand identity and brand recall.

Example of the device theme

At trade shows, companies customize their app's theme while collecting responses to create a fulfilling experience for respondents. It boosts the identity of the brand by promoting uniform branding.

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Uses of the device theme

We tend to respond to colors. Colors and brands are inextricably linked, and thus color offers a method for conveying a message without the use of words. The device theme is primarily used to match brand colors. Having your brand colors on the survey helps in brand recognition and positively impacts the survey taker. Color is an essential part of branding.

Advantages of the device theme

Here are the advantages of customizing your surveys to match your brand colors:

How to use the device theme?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on the offline app theme.

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