Dropdown question


What is a dropdown question?

A dropdown question allows respondents to choose an option from a list of options displayed in the dropdown menu. The dropdown menu is visible once the respondent clicks on the down arrow.

Depending on the requirements, a dropdown menu can be configured to let respondents select one or multiple options. Dropdown questions are close-ended questions, i.e., the respondents have a limited set of choices to select an answer from.

Example of a dropdown question

If you want respondents to select their state from a list of states, you can use a dropdown list.

Dropdown question

Uses of dropdown questions

A dropdown question can be used in any situation when you have a limited set of options to choose from. When respondents are required to select from a pool of options, also known as dropdown menu, dropdown survey question type is used in the survey. A dropdown menu question type can be used in below surveys as following:

Types of dropdown menu

Advantages of using dropdown menu question type in surveys

Dropdown questions are one of the most commonly used question types in market research surveys. Below are the benefits of the dropdown question realized by the marketers.

How to use a dropdown question in your surveys?

Check out our dropdown question help document for a better understanding of how it works.

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