Email action alerts surveys


What is email action alerts in surveys?

Surveys are conducted to gather insights into what your survey respondents think about your organization. It lets you know of their impression of you and what they expect from you.

As such, you need to track what your customers are saying about your brand, product, service, delivery, packaging, etc. Setting up action alerts can notify you of specific customer responses to take necessary and timely action.

Example of email action alerts in surveys

Consider you are doing a new product development survey for your organization. You want to understand where the interests of your customers lie. You want to gauge their needs and requirements, and accordingly develop your product. You may have included specific questions about pricing or features and would want to know what your respondents would like. Setting up action alerts will come in handy in such cases. Based on your pricing options in the survey, you can choose alerts for you to be notified in real-time. The same can be done for other questions; this will come in handy in the development process. Make effective changes before you roll out the offering.


Uses of email action alerts

If you are doing a customer satisfaction survey, you can set up action alerts for every time a survey respondent gives you a score of less than 7. You can then contact your customer service team about these customers to take necessary actions. This real-time corrective measures will help you better your customer service and also delight your customers.

Advantages of creating surveys with email action alerts

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