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What is email support for surveys?

Email support for surveys is the ability to reach out to the support team via email and get all your queries answered.

Using email support is efficient if you have many questions and would like to provide additional information to be able to be adequately supported. Leveraging this type of support comes in handy if your query is outside business hours for your region, and you have the bandwidth to wait or have repetitive questions.

Examples of email support for surveys

A researcher setting up an email survey for data collection for a brand, but the deployment date is a few days away, can wait on receiving a response. The researcher also wants to provide in-depth information and can draft an email at leisure; hence, he/she prefers the email support method. Since there is a pre-defined turnaround time on email responses, the researcher is confident that the information received will solve his issue with extensive support, examples, images, and other assets.

Uses of email support for surveys

Since there is scope to send detailed information at any time, which is tracked and monitored by both parties, using email supports one of the most efficient customer support methods for surveys.

Advantages of email support for surveys

How to use email support with surveys

To access email support with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to use email support.

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