Export batch for external distribution

If for some reasons you do not want to distribute the survey using QuestionPro Email Management feature, but still want to track the email addresses, then you can upload the email addresses and Export a Batch for External Distribution.

Why use Export Batch for External Distribution?

Some times surveys sent through our email management feature get categorized as SPAM/Junk or if the respondents are on a network behind a firewall the surveys bounce. To avoid this you can export a batch for external distribution and send the survey links using outlook or using your own email client thereby increasing the Participation Rate and the Response Rate.

Please do not use this option for integrating with a third party respondents panel provider. For information on integrating with third party respondents panel, please see help link below.

How can I Export a Batch for External Distribution?

  1. Login >> Surveys>> Send >> Lists
  2. Click on the email list .
  3. Create a new email list for the survey, OR you can use a list that has been already uploaded.
  4. Now use the Export Batch option for the required email list. This option is found in the Global Options drop-down.
  5. Survey Software Help Image
    Survey Software Help Image
  6. A CSV file will be generated with unique links. You can also download this file from the Download History.
  7. Survey Software Help Image
Only survey owners can use this option. Sub-account holders with edit access to surveys cannot download a file for external distribution. Please contact the main survey owner/holder to download an export batch.

How can I distribute the Survey?

  • Open the downloaded CSV file. The file will contain unique individual links for the survey for each email address.
  • Survey Software Help Image
  • You can use these individual links to send the survey to the respondents using any third party email software (Outlook, Eudora, etc).
  • You can keep track of responses from your account and the email addresses for the respondent will be saved with the Survey Response
  • You will be able to send reminders from the system as well