Google Sheets Integration


What is a Google Sheets integration for surveys?

The Google spreadsheets integration allows users to connect their Google suite account to the survey platform and enable automatic data sync between the two platforms. Enabling this integration allows survey administrators to receive real-time insights in Google Sheets. This integration can be set up for existing sheets or tabs or even to create new tabs.

Example of Google Sheet integration with surveys

Consider the case of a small boutique firm that conducts niche research. Such a firm may not use major analysis software and only sheets to work off of, in this case, the Google Suite. In such a scenario, the research firm would like to get data in real-time in Google Sheets to run the analysis. Using the Google spreadsheets integration with the survey account provides the ability to get survey responses directly in the sheet and tab of choice.


Uses of Google spreadsheets integration with surveys

The survey platform integration with Google spreadsheets is beneficial in the scenario where the survey data needs to be populated in real-time for the administrator to view.

This integration allows the ability to run reporting and analytics on data that has already been collected and also to ensure that the survey data comes directly from the platform in an easy-to-consume tool of your preference.

Advantages of using Google spreadsheets integration with surveys

How to use Google spreadsheets integration with surveys?

To set up integration of Google spreadsheets with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to set up Google sheets integration.

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