Data upload


What is data upload in surveys?

To get reliable, honest feedback, and a good amount of data from your customers, you need to conduct online surveys with a large respondent base. Data upload gives you the ability to import external data into your surveys to reach the maximum number of customers or respondents.

All you need to do is download the template file to upload your data, fill it in the way indicated, and process it. As soon you as the file is uploaded, you can start using that data for your sending out your surveys.

Example of data upload in a survey

Consider an organization that conducts employee experience surveys twice a year. It has a wide range of questions that helps the organization improve the overall employee experience and boost employee engagement and productivity. There will be a lot of employees across various departments who would join the organization between these two cycles of surveys. So the organization can compile a list of new employees who have joined after the last conducted survey and upload them in the database. This way, you can ensure that no employees are missed, and their data is mapped to their correct and respective departments, managers, and teams.


Uses of data upload in surveys

Whenever companies launch new products, they can always let their existing customers know about them. They can simply create a campaign for the new product launch or promotion and upload a list of existing customers. Such similar campaigns can be run for customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys, product development surveys, etc.

Advantages of creating surveys with data upload

How to use data upload in surveys?

To use data upload in surveys, read our help files on how to set up data upload.

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