Import external data into a new survey

To import External Data:

  • Go To: My Surveys (Select Survey) » Analytics » Manage Data » Import
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  • Click on Sample Excel Document
  • Fill the data as per the template
  • Browse the file and click on Upload Data

Do I need to create the survey for importing data?

No. When you import data, a new survey is created automatically. All questions and answers are also created as per the imported file format.

Can I edit the survey once I have imported data?

Yes. You can edit the survey, change the text for questions and answers. However, we recommend that you don't make any structural changes. If you make structural changes the data may get affected.

I have imported data. I need to upload more responses/data to the same survey.

Every time you import data a new survey is created and the data is imported in the new survey. Data cannot be imported in to an existing survey even if the survey was created importing data in the same format. Please maintain the data file that you used to import data offline. To add more responses please add data to the same file and import the data again. A new survey will be created that will have the entire data.

What should be the data format?

Data can be imported from an excel (.xls) file format. First eight columns are reserved for system variables. Actual survey questions start from the 9th column (I) onwards.

  • First Column (A): External Reference Variable column (Optional)
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  • Second Column (B): Weight column (Optional)
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  • Third Column (C): Email Address (Optional)
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  • Fourth Column (D): Custom Variable 1 (Optional)
  • Fifth Column (E): Custom Variable 2 (Optional)
  • Sixth Column (F): Custom Variable 3 (Optional)
  • Seventh Column (G): Custom Variable 4 (Optional)
  • Eigth Column (H): Custom Variable 5 (Optional)
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  • Ninth Column (I): Question Type | Text (Required) - Actual Questions start from the ninth column onwards.
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Data for responses should start from the 3rd row in the Excel file.

Which are the supported question types?

Below is the list of supported question types to "Import External Data Into Existing Survey"

  • Multiple Choice: Select One, Select Many, Drop Down Menu
  • Text: Comment Box, Single Row Text, Numeric Input, Email Address, Contact Information
  • Graphical Rating: Star rating, Text Slider, Numeric Slider, Thumbs UP/Down, Smiley-Rating
  • Matrix Table: Multi-Point Scales, Checkbox/Multi-Select, Spreadsheet, Side-By-Side Matrix
  • Ordering: Drag and Drop
  • Misc: Date/Time, Calendar
  • Customer Satisfaction: Net Promoter Score
  • Data/Reference: Lookup Table
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License & Access Options

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