Forward surveys to a friend


Forward survey to friends

Respondents can enter up to 10 email addresses. QuestionPro will then automatically send a link to your survey to those users immediately.

Those users, in turn, can then further invite more users to take the survey. The email text that goes out is the same as the invitation email sent for the survey. You can customize it using survey software.

Note: QuestionPro does not share email addresses with anyone to protect the privacy of the end-users. Survey administrators do not get a copy of all the email addresses that the respondents enter. However, we will send one email invitation (and only one email) to the email addresses that respondents enter. We do not store that email address for any other mailing or distribution.

Standard options:

Advanced options:

Example of a customized page to forward the survey to a friend

Many research agencies offer rewards to respondents on answering all questions. Many participants of such research studies refer the same to their friends and colleagues.

forward survey to a friend

Uses of the customized page to forward a survey to a friend

Advantages of forwarding a survey to a friend

How to set up forward to friend finish option?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on forwarding a survey to a friend.

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