FTP report scheduler surveys


What is an FTP report scheduler with surveys?

An FTP report scheduler with surveys can receive data dumps of your surveys at pre-defined intervals to an FTP server that you decide. The FTP data export works automatically to export all your survey data, including responses received from all your surveys in a file format that works best for you.

You can then download data from this FTP server to your choice location - either at one go or together.

Example of FTP data schedule with surveys

An airline conducts high-frequency research as well as customer satisfaction surveys constantly - the number of surveys and the data generated is massive. Using the FTP integration with the survey platform, they can ensure that there is a periodic sync of data and survey responses. This FTP data sync ensures that there is a schedule to the published data, and the analysis of data is done in batches or pre-defined sets.


Uses of FTP data scheduler with surveys

The most significant use of the FTP data scheduler is the ability it provides to sync data to a server without manual intervention. This ensures that the data is always available in a format that the brand or researcher defines, and there is constant sync, so the responses are up-to-date. Since the data upload is in batches, it is easy to analyze data in batches or the whole.

Advantages of using an FTP report scheduler with surveys

How to use an FTP report scheduler with surveys

To set up an FTP report scheduler with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on setting up an FTP data schedule.

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