GAP Analysis

What is GAP Analysis?

For each attribute, the difference between the expectation and delivery is measured and sorted from highest to lowest. It effectively highlights the attributes you need to focus on.

What do I need to do run GAP Analysis?

In order to run GAP Analysis, you must use the Side-By-Side Matrix question type. This automatically configures the system to run GAP Analysis across the different dimensions of the matrix. To add a Side-By-Side Matrix question, please see the side-by-side matrix question help file.

How can I access GAP analysis?

  • Login » Surveys » Reports » Choice Modelling
  • Select GAP Analysis.
  • Select the question to analyze from the drop-down menu available, and the GAP analysis charts will appear.
  • Click Options to download in Excel, download in Powerpoint, or print.

In this example, you’ll see the items are arranged on a chart comparing the two measured factors, in this case, importance versus satisfaction. This makes it easy to see at a glance what items to focus on that are of highest importance to a customer but lowest satisfaction.

Customer Service Top Left Quadrant High Importance / Low Satisfaction
Product Packaging Bottom Left Quadrant Low Importance / Medium Satisfaction
On-Time Arrival Right Middle Quadrant High Importance / High Satisfaction

How is this different than a regular “rating/satisfaction” scale?

Lets take the above example. Even though “Product Packaging” has a lower Satisfaction Score here, it’s obvious from the chart that it’s of lower importance than “Customer Service.” This XY-Scatter Plot captures both the satisfaction and importance dimension in the same chart visually.