Hubspot integration with surveys


What is Hubspot integration with surveys?

The Hubspot integration with surveys allows administrators to monitor customer trends and live data and gather robust customer intelligence and data. The integration provides the ability to take raw survey data and turn it into insights that matter.

Right from capturing lead data to lead scoring, workflow management, lead scoring, and more - integrating surveys with Hubspot provides an excellent solution for insightful customer data management.

Example of Hubspot integration with surveys

An example of Hubspot integration with surveys is a software product organization that uses Hubspot to manage customer metrics and run targetted campaigns to increase sales funnel and closures. Such a customer is always on the lookout for new customer acquisitions and retaining existing customers by listening to their feedback. Calculating NPS scores, CSAT scores, reducing customer churn, increasing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and smart lead management with lead scoring and automated workflows forms a significant aspect of their strategy. Using the Hubspot integration with surveys provides them the ability to manage all of the above and look at customer data in a structure that helps with decision-making.


Uses of Hubspot integration with surveys

Advantages of Hubspot integration with surveys

How to use Hubspot integration with surveys

To set-up integration of Hubspot with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to set up Hubspot integration.

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