IVR integration


What is IVR integration with surveys?

IVR integration allows Interactive Voice Response (IVR) platforms to integrate with your survey account and directly capture responses in the survey account.

Using an IVR integration enables brands and organizations to deploy voice surveys in the form of automated phone calls and then capture that survey data as mentioned by the respondent in the survey tool for further analysis. Surveys with IVR integration require just a one-time setup, and the subsequent data collection is fully automated.

Example of IVR surveys

Large research firms that conduct general population surveys need to use varied data collection methods to get the requisite data and achieve a certain number of completed responses. Using IVR surveys, these firms define the audience that they would like to use, integrate the IVR tool with the survey platform, and then deploy automated surveys. This helps in the collection of quick responses from a large sample size without any manual intervention. The responses get accurately captured by the tool and thereby into the survey platform.


Uses of IVR integration with surveys

The best example of using IVR integration surveys is when the sample size is enormous, and there is a lack of manpower and time. By configuring the survey in the survey platform and integrating it with IVR survey providers, the data collection is automatic.

Advantages of IVR surveys

How to use IVR integration with surveys

To set-up IVR integration with your surveys, please read our detailed help-file on how to set up IVR surveys.

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