Mail merge for survey distribution


What is mail merge and how to use it for survey distribution?

A mail merge is a technique of using data from a spreadsheet, database, or other structured data format, and inserting it into documents such as emails, letters, and mailing envelopes. Mail merge lets you send personalized emails for each contact in the list.

A mail merge for surveys enables you to insert information about each participant in the survey invitation email. You can insert participants' information like the first name, last name, city, purchase data, and more.

Addressing somebody with their first name or job title in an email increases engagement. It gains their attention and makes them take action. The chances of responding to the survey increase, and they are more likely to complete the survey.

You can personalize the survey invitation emails and automatically replace custom variables with information uploaded along with the email addresses.

Example of using mail merge for survey distribution and custom invitation emails

Suppose an e-commerce company wants to conduct a survey and learn more about their customers' experience. To sound more personalized, they want to address their customers with the first names. All the customer information is added to the survey software while uploading contacts and generating distribution lists.

To achieve this, they can insert a custom variable in the salutation of the email. The survey software will replace the variable with the first name.

How do email invitations sent using mail merge work?

QuestionPro offers the below custom variables to be substituted by the respondent data in the email body and subject.

{FIRST_NAME} – First Name field
{LAST_NAME} – Last Name field
${custom1} – Custom Variable 1
${custom2} – Custom Variable 2
${custom3} – Custom Variable 3
${custom4} – Custom Variable 4
${custom5} – Custom Variable 5
${customN} – Custom Variable N

You can add variables by clicking the button for each variable or insert manually.

Note: The variables must be included in the email list for the system to know what information to include in the invitation email.

When you upload the email addresses, you can upload additional information along with the email addresses. For information on uploading email addresses along with custom variables, explore setting up custom variables help file.

When the email invitation is sent, these variables (i.e. {FIRST_NAME}, {LAST_NAME}, ${custom1}, ${custom2}, etc.) are automatically replaced with the appropriate content associated with a particular email address.

Applications of using mail merge for sending invitation emails

Advantages of using mail merge for conducting surveys

How to use mail merge for surveys?

Learn how to set up and use this feature with our help file on using mail merge for survey distribution and personalized emails.

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