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What is MaxDiff analysis?

MaxDiff, or Maximum Difference scaling, also known as Best-Worst scaling, is defined as a rating/preference scale question where respondents choose the best and the worst option from the given set of options.

This question helps surveyors measure preferences to take further action on the product or service.

Using anchored maxdiff scaling in your survey can further help you identify the attributes that are most important to your respondents. Identify the relative importance of attributes to your respondents.

Here's our guide to MaxDiff analysis.

Example of MaxDiff analysis survey

For example, a financial firm conducting a credit card preference study uses MaxDiff to capture people’s feedback on the most preferred and the least preferred credit card type.


Here’s how the analysis looks in the tool


Uses of MaxDiff analysis survey

Researchers make use of MaxDiff to check the preferences of the population they are surveying. Below are a few cases where they use MaxDiff:

Advantages of MaxDiff analysis

MaxDiff is most advantageous to researchers in instances where choices or trade-offs are needed. Here are a few more advantages:

How to use the MaxDiff analysis survey question type?

Read our help file on MaxDiff analysis to learn how to use the survey question.

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