MS PowerPoint export surveys


What is MS PowerPoint export in surveys?

It is important to share your online survey results with teams and functions to use it to improve your customer operations, refine your employee processes, streamline your business operations, etc.

Using MS PowerPoint export, you can share your survey results with individuals, teams, and departments and update them with respondent feedback.

Example of MS PowerPoint export in a survey

Consider an organization that has recently run an employee experience survey for their staff. The overall staff experience is good and positive; however, there is some feedback recorded by employees. Taking their feedback into consideration and acting on it will enrich the experience further. This data from the survey results can be exported into an MS PowerPoint file and shared with management and supervisors. You can include charts and graphs to indicate percentages and include their open-ended answers as a word cloud to highlight issues. This export will be easy to share; it will help revamp staff processes and act as a baseline for your future studies.

ms-powerpoint-export1 ms-powerpoint-export2

Uses of MS PowerPoint export in surveys

MS PowerPoint export has multiple uses. They can be shared with your team to indicate important survey results as slides, make it easy to interpret, and can be shared via emails or internally via channels such as Slack, Skype, etc. They can be customized and made visually appealing to put forth important points and highlight key action areas.

Advantages of creating surveys with MS PowerPoint export

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