Use Multimedia

How can I upload images, logos, or multimedia files to my account?

To upload image and multimedia files go to:

  • Login >> Survey >> Edit >> Images
  • Click Browse, or you can also drag and drop the required files into the provided space.
  • Hover over the image to find the HTML code and the File URL


Note: The drag and drop option is only available on browsers that support HTML 5.

How can I insert the image in header?

For header, go to: Login » Surveys » Edit » Interface » Themes

  • Click on Header
  • Click on the HTML icon </> and paste the HTML code of the image.
  • Click on HTML icon </> again.
  • Click on Save Changes

Note: To add image on the question text, follow the same procedure mentioned above. Click on the HTML icon before and after adding the image HTML code. To add image on the answer text, directly insert the HTML code for the image.

How do I add the image in my survey invitation?

To add the image in the survey invitation, follow the steps given below:

  • Type <img src="
  • Copy the File URL and paste it.
  • Type "/>
  • <img src="paste the File URL here"/>

How can I add a logo to the survey?

  • To add a logo go to:

    Login >> Survey >> Edit >> Interface >> Themes

  • Click on Logo.
  • You may update the logo from the image library or you may click on Upload File to upload from your drive.